Users Group Meeting Notes

December 18, 2012

Thank you so much for attending our first ComputerEase Users Group.  The feedback from you on what you want to see in the future has been great!  Keep it coming!

Just wanted to summarize our discussions from our first meeting (12/11/12).

  • ComputerEase Updates - It is best to check for updates at least weekly - Go to Help - About -  Check for upgrade.  If there is an update, close CE, keeping the update box open, then click update.
  • Security
    • Make sure you no longer have a blank user in your list of users in PW Maint
    • Make sure you have a valid password for PW Maint
    • You can edit multiple users withing PW Maint to change permissions quickly
    • To limit permissions on reports, you can move the reports to modules that are more restricted
  • Invoice Scanning & Routing - Invoices can be scanned into CE or pulled in from the desktop.  Once they are entered into Accounts Payable, they can be routed to "approval groups" to get approved.  The invoice shows up in Accounts Payable and Job Costing but is marked "pending" until approved so it can not be paid.  This will enable job costing to be more up to date on a daily basis, preventing the bottleneck effect.  Invoices can be coded to an unapproved job category or an unapproved job if the cost code or job number is unknown when imputing.
  • FieldEase - John Meibers gave us a demonstration of FieldEase.  FieldEase would also enable job costing to be more up to date if labor hours and material were imput daily from the field.  This field information is linked directly into your ComputerEae at the office.  If enough people are interested, this could be an area where a training class can be scheduled.
  • Coolest Trick of the meeting - DEFAULT - In the maintenance programs,  you can type "DEFAULT" to bring up the blank maintenance form where you can enter fields that you would like the form to default to.  For example, in the employee maintenance, type DEFAULT in the employee field.  ComputerEase pulls up the employee maintenance form and you can set the state field to always be OH when you set up an employee.


Stay tuned for the date and time for our next users group meeting in February!




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